Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Little Pony Princess Pony Wedding Sticker Book (Orchard Books)

My Little Pony

Princess Pony Wedding Sticker Book

With Over 250 Stickers

Published by Orchard Books

Ay ay ay (or should that be Neigh Neigh Neigh!) This is a book I couldn't really help review so I signed over to Charlotte who will tell you why she loves this book so much. Over to you, sweetheart!

This book is really great because it has My Little Pony in it, and there's a boy pony!

The boy pony is a prince, and he is marrying the princess and they have invited everyone to their wedding. You have to choose your stickers and stick them on each page, and you can stick the ponies down, and their food.

I love My Little Pony because the ponies are cute.

(Daddy's notes)

I'm used to seeing books elicit an excited gasp of wonder, this book almost sent Charlotte into a whirl of oohs and ahhs. She really does love My Little Pony and loved spending hours making up the various scenes in the book. As she says, there are tons of stickers ranging from characters to scenic items, decorations and lots of lovely wedding bits and bobs.

It's unashamedly cute and girly, but my unashamedly cute girl loves it to little bits. The only real negative point is that it would've been nice to be able to easily detach the sticker sheets and use them separately. Charlotte also wanted guidance on where some of the stickers should go but once she got used to the fact that the stickers could be used anywhere in any of the scenes, she was in her element with the book.

My Little Pony Princess Pony Wedding Sticker Book is out today, May 1st, from Orchard Books.

Charlotte's best bit: The Princess Pony with her cool and groovy multicolour hair (and gorgeous dress)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Amusingly, the boy pony appears to be dressed in the same groom attire that Prince William wore when he married Kate. Nice!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Orchard Books)

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