Wednesday, 11 June 2014

"A New Friend for Sally" - an excellent Kickstarter book idea by David Tang and Lora Lee (Tiny Robot Books)

A New Friend for Sally

Written by David Tang

Illustrated by Lora Lee

Published by Tiny Robot Books

Kickstarter has provided a really fantastic platform for self-published authors and illustrators to get their book projects off the ground. We're regularly contacted by folk who have used the platform to launch a book idea, but we're always on the lookout for something a bit special. We're fairly picky so we look for brilliant and engaging stories with fantastic artwork to accompany them.

Thankfully "A New Friend for Sally" by David Tang and Lora Lee more than meets our high standards. It's a fantastic story about a lonely little girl who lives on a farm. More than anything, she wants a pet of her own. She'd really like something cute. A pony perhaps? A lovely cuddly piglet? Maybe even a calf! But when dad comes home with a squawking scratchy chicken, it's not really what Sally had in mind.

The hen is, to put no finer point on it, a real pain in the neck (and the bum! Those things have sharp beaks you know!) and Sally is actually quite scared of her new pet. It eats bugs, it's no fun to play with but could things change as time passes?

The story wonderfully weaves a tale of turning things around, making a friend where you don't expect to - and the artwork is eye-poppingly gorgeous, luscious and colourful.

We're sincerely hoping that David and Lora make their target, and this leads to more books from Tiny Robot.

You can take a look at their project, and back their kickstarter over at the Tiny Robot Books Kickstarter Page.

Charlotte's best bit: Snuggling up with Chelsea in the warmth of the barn

Daddy's Favourite bit: A self-published title of a very high standard and really worth backing, so get to it!

(We were very kindly supplied an advanced copy in PDF form of "A New Friend For Sally" to preview. Thanks to all at Tiny Robot Books)