Thursday, 12 June 2014

Buy dad a book (not socks) this Father's Day with our handy roundup of cool ideas for gifts

"Sorry Dad!" by Maxine Lee (Caterpillar Books)
Fathers Day is coming (June 15th, this Sunday, take note mums and kids!) and we know what you're thinking. Dads always say "Look I'm fine, I don't want anything" or "I don't want a huge fuss" but what they really mean is that they'd like nothing better than for you to buy them a book that you can read together. So here are a few ideas to get you started with some new and classic books to tempt dad away from the footie (or more likely the rain-soaked barbecue) with.

First up is the sublime "Sorry Dad!" by Maxine Lee (Caterpillar Books). A riotous book full of mischief and mirth with a naughty kitten and his long-suffering dad 'bonding' in lots of different ways, which usually end up with the poor dad getting a bonk on the noggin for his trouble.

Maxine's bold and colourful illustrations and exquisite comic timing are giggle-worthy, and we absolutely couldn't get enough of that bit where Dad erupts like Mt Vesuvius. (Dad doesn't stay angry for long though :)

"Daddy is my Hero" by Dawn Richards and Jane Massey (Picture Corgi)
An altogether more soothing and calm celebration of dads in our next book - "Daddy is my Hero" by Dawn Richards and Jane Massey (Picture Corgi). From a toddler's perspective it tells us all the wonderful things that dads are great at. They're tickly, they're funny, sometimes they do get grumpy (right, Charlotte?) but they're amazing and fun so hooray for dads everywhere, particularly booky dads!

"My Amazing Dad" by Ross Collins (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)
Blog favourite Ross Collins has a brilliant "Dad" book that has been around for a while but has been reissued by Simon and Schuster. "My Amazing Dad" is the story of a little croc who wonders what's special about his dad, after meeting all the other animals whose dads can run fast, stay underwater for hours, swing through the trees with the greatest of ease. Poor little croc only knows that his dad disappears in the morning, and isn't back home till late at night. As the other animals show off about their dads, poor little croc gets quite despondent - until mum intervenes and shows him what dad DOES get up to every day. A lovely little book that champions dads - and teachers too!

"Me and my Daddy" by various authors and illustrators (Little Tiger Press)
Last but not least, there's no reason why dads should be left out when it comes to Little Tiger Press's brilliant little "Book collection in a box" gifts. "Me and My Daddy" features four lovely little animal (and animal dad) stories that are snuggly and cuddly, plus a huge sheet of stickers and a special card for dad too! Children can have fun decorating the card and sneaking it back into the box, then giving this lovely box set to dad on Father's Day and getting him to read all the stories. All of them, all at once (well this is what Charlotte told me I had to do when I reviewed them so I did!)

Whatever the weather, and whatever you do, we hope books feature somewhere in your Father's Day celebrations because they almost certainly will feature in ours! Happy reading and Happy Father's Day for Sunday!