Thursday, July 24, 2014

Train! By Judi Abbot (Little Tiger Press)


Written and Illustrated by
Judi Abbot

Published by Little Tiger Press

We are loving this little book, full of colour and a great read-aloud story for younger children. Judi Abbot's "Train!" introduces us to Little Elephant and if there's one thing Little Elephant loves, it's trains! He's quite obsessed about them and loves making huge layouts with his wooden railways (as do we - in fact if mummy hadn't told me to stop buying bits for our layout it'd probably take over the whole house!)

Like most toddlers, Little Elephant has a one (train) track mind, so when he meets other children he's a bit puzzled that they don't share his love of all things chugtastic.

I mean cat loves planes, honestly! Penguin seems to love cars! As for rabbit and his diggers, well the less said the better.

Can the little ones learn to play together, share and find out that there's more to life than just one toy?

Judi Abbot's bold illustrations and sing-song story are a delight. We had a slight niggle that the book was a bit boy-centric (put it this way, Charlotte spends an awful lot of time playing with trains, cars and planes too!) but it's still a cute little cracker of a book that is sure to please your vehicle-obsessed toddlers.

Charlotte's best bit: The brilliant bit in the middle of the book where the toddlers all get together shouting about their favourite vehicles (imagine the cacophony!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: A bold and colourful book full of bouncing read-aloud fun, all children are bound to love this one

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)

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