Thursday, 7 August 2014

Frankie's Magic Football #7 - Frankie and the Dragon's Curse by Frank Lampard and Mike Jackson (L & B Kids)

Frankie's Magic Football #7 - Frankie and the Dragon's Curse

Written by Frank Lampard

Illustrated by Mike Jackson

Published by L & B Kids

A new 5 book arc continues for Frankie's Magic Football with "Frankie and the Dragon's Curse", released today.

Frankie and his football crew decide to take on some martial arts training to help improve their ball skills. Whisked away by a mysterious chinese puppet, Frankie and friends soon find themselves with more than just a football match at stake, as an evil warlord threatens to destroy the Great Wall of China with his army of terracotta animals. Can Frankie and his footballing chums save the day?

Frank Lampard's "Frankie" books are best sellers, encouraging reluctant readers to engage with a hero who is interested in the same things they are. Fast paced and full of variety, catch up with Frankie's latest adventure today.

Book 8 will be arriving later in the year, with a special festive theme! Watch out for it!

(Kindly sent to us for review by L & B Kids)