Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Glitter Kitty by Mara Bergman and Lydia Monks (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

Glitter Kitty

Written by Mara Bergman

Illustrated by Lydia Monks

Published by Simon and Schuster Children's Books

Here's a welcome reprint for a book that is glitzy, glamorous and full of feline charm. "Glitter Kitty" tells the tale of a glamour puss who is getting ready for an evening's soiree at a local dance contest.

Cuddles can't resist lovely clothes and shoes, so she spends the day dashing around town helping her friends and shopping for an exquisite new outfit to wow the dancers at the competition with. After a long day of shopping though, Cuddles needs a nap (shopping IS tiring business after all). But Cuddles oversleeps! EEK!

Will Cuddles make the contest in time? With a little help from her friends perhaps...!

Glitter Kitty is glam and unashamedly girly but Charlotte is a huge Lydia Monks fan, and we loved Mara Bergman's story - in particular the many moggy characters that Cuddles meets (who could resist a charming cowbow-esque ginger tom called Sugarboy!)

Younger readers will love the textured glitter-encrusted pages, perfect for exploring fingers - and the story is a lovely length to polish off before bed where your little ones can dream of slinky cats, glitter balls and the cha cha!

First published back in 2005, "Glitter Kitty" by Mara Bergman and Lydia Monks will be re-released in softcover format in September by S & S Children's Books.

Charlotte's best bit: Cuddles extremely fashionable taste in shoes. They're a real wow!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Full of brilliant characters, a luxurious look at feline life!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Simon and Schuster Children's Books