Thursday 11 September 2014

Can't Dance Cameron by Emily Dodd and Katie Pamment (Floris Books / Picture Kelpies)

Can't Dance Cameron

Written by Emily Dodd

Illustrated by Katie Pamment

Published by Floris Books / Picture Kelpies

Never call him a grouse! Charlotte mistook him for a pigeon. But he's one of my favourite birds, he's Cameron - the Scottish Capercaillie and as awesome as he is, there's just one problem. Cameron can't dance!

He's tried so many times to emulate the fine popping and bopping of his eminent grandfather, but try as he might, Cameron just ends up getting his feet in a twist and falling flat on his face.

It takes a rather knowledgeable and wise squirrel called Hazel to restore Cameron's belief in himself. If he helps her find her missing nut, she'll teach him how to dance. It sounds like an awesome plan!

Emily Dodd and Katie Pamment give a goodly dose of scottish flair to a fabulous book about self-belief, friendship and awesome dancing. The Picture Kelpies range is perfect for little ones who want stories that feel fresh, original and fun and "Can't Dance Cameron" ticks all of those boxes.

We like to think of Hazel imparting her words of wisdom like a female more-squirrelly Morgan Freeman :)

Just in case you need a little introduction to why I think this is the most awesome bird in the world, check out the Capercaillie in action (and DO NOT watch this clip without audio, just listen to the fantastic noises they make!) - There's also an awesome "Can't Dance Cameron" Event Trailer!

Charlotte's best bit: Cameron's expert pine-cone kicking skills when faced with a wild scottish cat

Daddy's Favourite bit: A superb fresh-feeling tale with my favourite bird, what could possibly be better! Marvellous work Emily and Katie!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Floris Books)