Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Danny by Gwendal Le Bec and Yann Le Bec (Flying Eye Books)


Written by Gwendal Le Bec

Illustrated by Yann Le Bec

Published by Flying Eye Books

Trust Flying Eye Books to come up trumps with a hugely funny and original story about a Hippo with braces! No not the twangy sort that your schoolfriends would always ping if you were daft enough to wear them, but the sort that make your teeth lovely and straight.

Danny is a Hippo, and though he's convinced he's pretty normal, he has a nagging feeling that something's wrong. His friends the snakes think he speaks a little funny and Danny's a bit puzzled. It takes a 'friendly' crocodile to point out that Danny has a lisp, and a quick visit to the Dentist could sort out all his problems. Danny needs a brace!

Danny takes the perilous journey to the big city, and haplessly wanders around asking every passer by if they're a dentist - until one kindly points him in the right direction.

Danny barges in without an appointment, but luckily he's seen fairly quickly, and is soon lying in the dentist's chair for a check up.

The dentist agrees that fitting Danny with a brace to correct the HUGE gap between his teeth would definitely help, so with an industrial-sized brace and lot of fine dental work, Danny is soon resplendent in his new dental headgear!

Heading back to the savannah, Danny is admired far and wide for his flashy brace, and other animals rather fancy the idea of getting one themselves - Including Crocodile!

We love this story because it has not one but two twists. We'll leave it to you to discover just what happens when Crocodile takes the same journey as Danny to the big city, to visit the dentist himself - and we'll also let you discover just what happens with Danny's brace - something that will make you giggle a bit.

Reading this one aloud gave me acres of mileage in doing a lot of silly voices, including one particular one that made Charlotte giggle with glee. Try explaining to a six year old what a lisp is in a lispy voice!

Another brilliant book from Flying Eye!

Charlotte's best bit: Crocodile's new vocation will make you laugh as much as it made Charlotte giggle

Daddy's Favourite bit: Funny, original and brilliantly told. Love it! Danny is our dental champion!

(Kindly sent to us by Flying Eye Books)