Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Madagascar by J Brierley and C Dolan (Austin and Macauley Publishing)

My Madagascar

Written by J Brierley

Photos and Illustrations by C Dolan
Published by Austin and Macauley Publishing

As Charlotte begins geography lessons at school, her fabulous curiosity and thirst for knowledge extends towards learning about our world and different cultures, and what children in other countries get up to in their daily lives.

In "My Madagascar" we join the effervescent and energetic Balbini to learn all about her country, Madagascar - a large island off the coast of Africa, with its own unique animal species and hugely diverse climate and terrain.

Balbini takes us on a whistle-stop tour of her beautiful country and introduces us to the sights, sounds, food and customs there.

Lush tropical rainforests and sumptuous sandy beaches made us truly want to dive onto a plane and visit this awesome place. Balbini's enthusiasm comes across in the book's informative and descriptive text, exquisitely detailed and attractively presented with fantastic colour photos and illustrations throughout.

A fantastic way to show children that Madagascar isn't just an animated movie, it's a truly beautiful and astonishing place too!

Join Balbini and find out more about this fascinating country

Charlotte's best bit: Learning all about lovely Madagascar food and yummy vanilla, which grows on the island

Daddy's Favourite bit: A superbly presented book, really made us want to visit!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Austin and Macauley Publishing)