Monday, 15 December 2014

Booky Advent Calendar Day 15 - "Christmas Crafts - Festive Things to Make and Do" by Danielle Lowy (QED Publishing)

Christmas Crafts - Festive Things to Make and Do

Compiled by
Danielle Lowy

Published by QED Publishing

There may be a mere 10 SLEEPS TILL CHRISTMAS (eek!) but that still gives you plenty of time to indulge in a little christmas craftwork. "Christmas Crafts - Festive Things to Make and Do" by Danielle Lowy is a whopping great big tome absolutely packed with stunning ideas to help you produce some really fantastic christmas decorations, gift ideas and wonderful yuletide goodies.

The book helpfully comes with a brace of templates tucked away at the back to get you off to a flying start as you find out how to make all sorts of amazing christmassy things. Perfect for the christmas holidays when kids are hopping from foot to foot with excitement before the big day.

Charlotte's best bit: Cutting, sticking, glueing and generally getting covered in acres of glitter making awesome decorations for the christmas tree

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fun and inventive set of awesome christmas "makes" with fantastically clear instructions and a good dose of originality. Perfecto!

(Kindly sent to us for review by QED)