Monday, 15 December 2014

Marceline and the Scream Queens - Adventure Time Mini Series by Meredith Gran (Titan Books)

Marceline and the Scream Queens - An Adventure Time Mini Series

Written and Illustrated by
Meredith Gran and others

Published by Titan Books

Adventure Time is one of our favourite cartoon distractions, the perfect mix of kid-friendly giggles and adult-friendly jokes that sail way way over your youngling's head.

We've watched the first volume of Finn and Jake's adventures on DVD (Poor show that these aren't more readily available in the UK!) and when we spotted that Titan Comics had produced a set of miniseries comic novels to accompany the show, we grabbed a couple.

Marceline is without doubt one of Charlotte's favourite characters. She's a crazy vampire girl who we're never really sure is a goodie or a baddie, but she carves out her own inimitable style in the Adventure Time universe (we love the fact that she mercilessly teases Finn and Jake at every opportunity!)

This collected miniseries tells the story of Marceline and her band, The Scream Queens, who are suffering from an identity crisis, creative differences, all the usual things that a band go through. It needs a level head to take up management of the band and put them back on track. Who better than Princess Bubblegum!

The graphic novel is divided up into a set of stories with Meredith Gran collaborating with the cream of comic talent working in the industry at the moment. The likes of Faith Erin Hicks, Ming Doyle, John Allison and Lucy Knisley all contribute as the tale unfolds of Marceline's cool and rocking back story.

It sets the bar fairly high for the rest of the Adventure Time comic series (which we'll be diving into at some point). It's also quite awesome to see one of our favourite characters in the series take centre stage pushing Finn and Jake to the background for a while (something we think Marceline would DEFINITELY approve of!)

Charlotte's best bit: She loves the story where Marceline's self doubt causes her to mutate into a big horrible scary monster. EEP!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Marceline's our fave character, and who doesn't love that guitar!