Friday, 5 December 2014

Patchwork Goes Undercover by Jacqueline Schmidt (POW! Books)

Patchwork Goes Undercover

Written and Illustrated by

Jacqueline Schmidt

Published by POW! Books

Bears, bears, brilliant bears! Many a fantastic children's book has featured bears as its star characters. But the bear in this story is a little different. Patchwork is, as you've probably guessed from his name, a patchwork bear who gets up to all sorts of adventures along with his 'real' bear chums.

But even a hyperactive patchwork bear needs some downtime, and today Patchwork just wants to find a quiet spot for a rest.

Patchwork goes undercover to scope out the very best snuggle spot. There is a problem though, everywhere Patchwork goes, other animals seem to have staked their claim first. Will Patchwork ever find the perfect spot for forty winks?

We'd not encountered the Patchwork Bear series before, and it's absolutely superb. It's quite surreal, rendered in Jacqueline Schmidt's trademark mix of realistic and surreal art but the story flows utterly beautifully, making the whole thing feel very dream-like.

There are some truly stunning illustrative panels...

Deep down in the briny blue with a wonderful whale
(Did you spot Dory and Nemo in that pic? They do love making cameos in children's books don't they?)

We loved the supporting cast of mischievous bears and other animals too!

Everyone has come round for a snuggle!
Charlotte utterly loved spotting all her favourite animals, and thoroughly enjoyed Patchwork's adventures. Hopefully there'll be more soon!

Charlotte's best bit: Patchwork can hold his breath for AGES!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Surreal but wonderful storytelling, really felt original fresh and different. We approve!

(Kindly sent to us for review by POW! Books)