Friday, 2 January 2015

Black and White by Dahlov Ipcar (Flying Eye Books)

Black and White

Written and Illustrated by
Dahlov Ipcar

Published by Flying Eye Books

Flying Eye are doing an absolutely wonderful job of reviving the works of one of the most pivotal US children's author-illustrators, the awesome Dahlov Ipcar. Her works were way ahead of their time, and are still as vital, vibrant and in this case extremely relevant today as they were when they were first written.

"Black and White" was published at the height of the American Civil Rights Movement - and it's a subtle expression of that movement's aims and means that feels like it's still needed over 50 years on.

It's the tale of two energetic pups, Black and White, as they play together and experience the world together - each with a subtly different outlook on life but the firmest of pals who share everything and spend happy days doing all the things that dogs love to do.

Even when they escape to their dreams, they are happy and full of joie de vivre, and best of all they can't wait to meet up the next day to tell each other all about their dreams.

Seeing Ipcar's works restored lovingly by the Nobrow / Flying Eye team, ready to bring to a whole new generation, is truly wonderful. Her stories have broad appeal, so children of Charlotte's age will appreciate the happiness that exudes from each page - and then when she's a little older the conversations that the book evokes can delve into the reasons behind the book too.

Stunning artwork keeping with the theme of black and white, with subtle colour additions throughout make the book eye catching and attractive, and Dahlov's superb rhymes (and delicious repetition) make it a joy to read aloud.

This is a timely release, particularly with what's happening in the US and here. Children's books that impart messages like this are so vitally important, well done Flying Eye for realising that importance and bringing back to life such a stunning book in such a fantastic way.

Charlotte's best bit: Black Dog's dreams of tropical creatures, and white dog dreaming of snowy landscapes (and awesome snow-shoed rabbits)

Daddy's Favourite bit: The message in this book is as vital, as relevant, as sorely needed now as it was back in the 60s when it was first published. Absolutely stunning book, perfect timing for release. Definitely do not miss!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Bounce Marketing / Flying Eye Books)