Monday 5 January 2015

The Deep Dark Wood by Algy Craig Hall and Ali Pye (Hachette)

The Deep Dark Wood

Written by Algy Craig Hall

Illustrated by Ali Pye

Published by Hachette Children's Books

My mother said that I never should, ever go down to the deep, dark wood. The little girl in this story didn't heed silly advice like that, and as the story opens it feels like it could be yet another "Red Riding Hood" tale.

But bear with it (or should we say "wolf with it") as this deliciously dark little tale has a neat little twist or two all of its own.

It does feature a big bad wolf, it does feature a seemingly innocent little girl all on her own, and there is lots of talk about scoffing and eating by the aforementioned wolf but there's where the comparisons end as the tale unfolds with a riotous end.

Of course we're not going to ruin that ending for you, but appearances can be deceptive so as the little girl and her wolfy friend fend off all the other denizens of the deep dark wood, it's quite awesome that as time goes on, the wolf seems more frightened than the child! Nice that!

Neatly told with lots of brilliant read-aloud bits. Dark enough to make Charlotte cuddle up close when reading, but laugh her head off at the end. A great early start to our new year's 'dark' list!

Charlotte's best bit: Is the wolf really going to scoff the little girl up, every last bite?

Daddy's Favourite bit: Great to read aloud, and a belter of a neat twist at the end. Love it!

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(Kindly sent to us for review by Hachette Children's Books)