Friday, 30 January 2015

Chapter Book Roundup - January 2015 kicks off with squirrels and gladiators!"Squirrel

"Squirrel Boy vs the Bogeyman" by Dave Lowe  (Phoenix Yard Books)
So what's occuring in children's chapter books this month? We all love a good superhero tale - particularly when it's a squidgy squishy squirrel-based hoot. "Squirrel Boy vs the Bogeyman" by Dave Lowe follows in the comic footsteps of awesome authors like Roald Dahl and David Walliams to conjure up a new breed of superhero. He might not be able to fly, he doesn't have a cape, and his outfit leaves a lot to be desired but Walter Kettle AKA Squirrel Boy is our last best hope against the most nefarious menace known to mankind. Bogeymen!

Thanks to a visit from a radioactive squirrel, Walter can become Squirrel Boy every time he eats a nut. But his arch nemesis, Jeremy Winkleman-Grubb has radioactive talents of his own. 

What's going to happen when the two engage in a climactic battle? Can squirrel overcome snot? We're not going to spoil the story for you, but track down a copy of "Squirrel Boy vs the Bogeyman from Phoenix Yard Books and watch out for more from this series very soon! 

Now we're off to Ancient Rome...

"Gladiator School - Blood Oath" by Dan Scott (Scribo Publishing)

Dan Scott's awesome "Gladiator School" series is now up to book six, and the series goes from strength to strength. Chock full of atmosphere and history, Gladiator School brings together Lucius and Quintus, two brothers enrolled in the toughest school in Rome. Training for the arena, for combat  and for strength, Lucius and Quintus struggle to survive under the watchful eye of the harsh Crassus, a combat-hardened gladiator trainer as grizzled as a pit-bull. 

Dan's stories are superbly immersive and chock full of action as well as a ton of facts and figures for your own little Rome fans. We took a look at Blood Oath and Blood Justice (book 6) but you can find out a lot more about the books on the Scribo website. 

Don't forget to check out the awesome Gladiator School book trailer at

(Books kindly sent to us for our review roundup by Scribo and Phoenix Yard Books)