Friday, 30 January 2015

DVD fun with Shaun the Sheep and the Doozers, new from Studio Canal

Shaun the Sheep - Flock to the Floor from Aardman Studios

With Shaun the Sheep currently making his big screen debut in cinemas, we were lucky enough to be sent a couple of DVDs recently by Studio Canal - including one featuring our favourite woolly-navelled hero himself.

"Shaun the Sheep - Flock to the Floor" from Aardman Animation Studios is the latest home DVD release of Shaun's adventures. Get on your best disco gear and hit the dance floor as Shaun and pals get their groove on.

The DVD features 10 episodes from Shaun's recent TV run: The Looney Tic • Men at Work • The dog Show • Missing Piece •Wildlife Catch •The Pelican •Bad Boy • Remote Control • Phoney Farmer •Ground Dog Day

And if, like me, you still remember Morph from the days when he used to pop up on Take Hart, you'll be tickled to know that you also get 5 exclusive new Morph episodes to watch as well! YAROO!

Doozers - From Jim Henson Studios

Sticking with nostalgia for a moment, remember those cute little busy folk The Doozers from Fraggle Rock? They're now stars of their own animation series, specially for younger viewers. Join the Doozers in a whole stack of adventures, solving problems through teamwork, engineering and having tons of fun doing it (We really love all the crazy little vehicles the Doozers trawl around in!) Meet the Pod Squad: Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex, and Daisy Wheel as they design, create and innovate - and inspire your little 3-6 year olds to get busy building their own crazy contraptions too.

"Shaun the Sheep - Flock to the Floor" and "Doozers Volume 1" are out now from all good retailers.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Studio Canal)