Monday, 2 February 2015

Where is Pim? By Lena Landstrom and Olaf Landstrom (Gecko Press)

Where is Pim?

Written by Lena Landstrom

Illustrated by Olaf Landstrom

Published by Gecko Press

Pom and Pim are an engaging couple and we've previously taken a brief look at "Pom and Pim" by Lena Landstrom and Olaf Landstrom on the blog.

The adventurous toddler and his favourite toy are back for a new adventure but this time Pim is in danger. Poor Pim has been grabbed by a mischievous dog, and has completely disappeared.

Pom is distraught at the loss of his favourite toy, but teaming up with a slightly more friendly pooch, Pom is hot on the trail of his missing friend. Is he tucked into a bush? Is he hiding under a bench?

Tiddlers will absolutely love the 'hide and seek' peekabo nature of this latest Pom and Pim book, and will love the way the book ends too. Lena and Olaf Landstrom's pint-sized little character is engaging and lovable, and it's a great fidgety little read for younger children.

Charlotte's best bit: Pom's woe-stricken expression as the naughty dog disappears off into the distance with Pim in tow! Naughty dog!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Awesome fun for the very small, another neat little story from Lena and Olaf!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Gecko Press)