Monday, 2 February 2015

An awesome re-release for one of our fave books of 2014 - "Dangerous" by Tim Warnes (Little Tiger Press)

Dangerous by Tim Warnes, released in paperback today and now with awesome stickers!

We absolutely LOVED "Dangerous" by Tim Warnes when we originally reviewed it back in 2014. Now it's back with a newly released paperback edition of the book - and the chance for your little ones to emulate the cute little mole in the book, with their own stack of brilliant stickers. 

The new edition comes with over 100 free stickers - so your little ones can decorate their pencil cases, school bags and scooters with great little labels. 

Be careful though, sticking them on big snappy crocodiles (even really friendly ones) isn't recommended :)

"Dangerous" by Tim Warnes, out today in paperback from Little Tiger Press. Snap it up!