Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lemur Dreamer by Courtney Dicmas (Templar Publishing)

Lemur Dreamer

Written and Illustrated by
Courtney Dicmas

Published by Templar Publishing

Lemurs are undeniably cute and utterly adorable, but what they get up to at sleepy-bye time is relatively unknown - until now! Meet "Lemur Dreamer", a fabulous new book from Courtney Dicmas, the extremely talented young lady who dazzled us with vibrant colours and hilarious parrot antics in "Harold Finds a Voice".

Courtney's latest animal hero is Louis, the aforementioned dreamy furry fellah who nips off to bed like normal folk but wakes up all his friends and neighbours with his nocturnal wanderings. Louis snoozes and snores his way through other people's apartments, blissfully unaware that he's causing all sorts of problems. But his friends love him and put up with him until one fateful night when Louis snores his way through one near miss after another!

His friends rally round and prevent a disaster, thankfully. Will Louis ever be able to mend his ways? His friends think they've come up with the perfect plan to save Louis from hurting himself (and walking through their apartments too!)

It's a hoot! Charlotte loved Louis' meanderings and blissed out expressions right up until he wakes up at the very end of the book. We won't reveal what his friends come up with to help Louis, but you're going to love this one, believe us!

Charlotte's best bit: When Louis tells everyone what he's been dreaming about!

Daddy's Favourite bit: An entertaining and hilarious story and a touching tale about how friends rally round to help when you need it most

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)

Check out the utterly dreamy Lemur Dreamer trailer!

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