Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Here I Am by Patti Kim and Sonia Sanchez (Curious Fox Books)

Here I Am

Written by Patti Kim

Illustrated by Sonia Sanchez

Published by Curious Fox Books

Today sees the launch of a book we've been enjoying as a preview from Netgalley, now released in hardback and paperback by Curious Fox for the UK Market. "Here I Am" by Patti Kim and Sonia Sanchez feels like a child-friendly graphic novel, designed to be wordless and approachable - and speaking to children in a universal and visual language that fits the story's content perfectly.

A young boy and his family arrive in a new country, moving home lock stock and barrel. As you can imagine, moving to a foreign country can be scary enough for adults but for children there are a million and one questions - and just as many new experiences, sights, sounds and culture shocks to cope with too.

The boy in the story finds life tough in his new home at first, but clings to a magical seed that explodes with light and colour when he cradles it in his hand.

One day the boy spots a young girl playing outside his apartment, and as he stretches out of the window to take a closer look he drops his beloved seed, and the girl finds it and makes off with it!

Will the boy ever find the seed and the girl?

The tale unfolds delicately with Sonia Sanchez's expressive, energetic and vibrant visual style fitting Patti's wonderfully observed tale perfectly.

It's actually so good to see this in print in its final form as we loved it as a digital book, but really love it as a book to dive into at our leisure - each time finding new things to look at and talk about just as you'd imagine the young boy does as he encounters all the new things in his new environment.

Fantastic, inclusive and thoroughly enjoyable.

Charlotte's best bit: The boy and his seed, and the wonderful colours that explode from it whenever it's cradled and sung to.

Daddy's Favourite bit: A really fantastic book for children of all nationalities, perfectly pitched and beautifully paced.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Curious Fox Books)

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