Tuesday 27 January 2015

Marking Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27th 2015 with Usborne's Young Readers range

"Usborne Famous Lives - Anne Frank" by Susanna Davidson (Usborne Young Readers)

To respectfully mark Holocaust Memorial Day today, we've been taking a look at a couple of Usborne's Young Readers range, specifically designed to tackle the terrible atrocities in a way that will deeply involve children who want to find out more. 

Starting with the Usborne Famous Lives series, and the remarkable story of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl forced into hiding as Hitler's Nazis invaded Holland. We learn Anne's story through her diary and the preservation of her memory by her father who survived the concentration camps only to learn of the fate of his wife and daughters after the second world war. 

Usborne's documentary account of Anne's life and death is sensitive and informative, and though it was quite tricky to take Charlotte through the book because of the disturbing nature of Anne's story, we persevered purely because the book helps answers all the questions she raised and more - and there's no reason not to use this book as a valuable resource when children learn about Anne's story at school.

The Holocaust by Susanna Davidson (Usborne Books)
The second book, "The Holocaust" by Susanna Davidson is similarly involving, expertly devised and also deals with some incredibly dark subject matter in a way that will educate children, speaking on their level. 

"The Holocaust" describes the rise of the Nazi regime and the final solution, and the colossal impact on the world of this heinous plan. This was trickier for us to go through as there are harrowing images and descriptions of how the Nazis slowly put their plans into action. 

Usborne can always be trusted to publish thoroughly well researched and fantastic informative non-fiction titles, and these are no exception. 

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