Friday, 13 February 2015

ReadItdaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 13th February 2014 - "Robopop" by Alice Hemming and James Lent (Maverick Publishing)


Written by Alice Hemming

Illustrated by James Lent

Published by Maverick Publishing

The future of parental enforcement is here and you have 20 seconds to comply! Here's "Robopop" which came out on 28th January but we wanted to make sure it made a book of the week slot because it's just SO GOOD!

It's 'Bring your Dad to School' day and everyone's dad seems to be amazing! Two children are rather embarrassed by theirs though. He's a hopeless cook and all he seems to do is invent stupid things.

Dad feels a bit unloved so decides to leave the kids with a rather special babysitter. Enter Robopop!

He's metal, he's mondo and at first the children seem to think he's spectacular...but Robopop's ideas for how to have a fun time soon see the two children tired out (and not at all popular with the neighbours or the children in the local park).

Robopop is a whizz at footie but his idea of a slap-up feast consists of spinach, spinach and more spinach! EW! He's rubbish at bedtime stories too, preferring a harsh regiment of robotic exercise before bed rather than a couple of pages of "The Fearsome Beastie".

Thankfully Dad comes back in the nick of time to rescue the kids from Robopop's craziness.

We can't get enough of this book and it goes without saying it's a fantastic book to read aloud, particularly if you love doing crazy robotic voices (I do!) Not sure about the location of Robopop's on switch though, I think we'd have used a long pointy stick to activate him!

Fantastic mechanical fun, we'd buy that for a dollar!

Charlotte's best bit: Robopop has some pretty funky ideas about pudding. More spinach? Don't mind if we don't!

Daddy's Favourite bit: It's a laugh-out-loud robotic caper that we instantly fell in love with. I wonder if I can convince Robo to look after Charlotte for the weekend..!

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