Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Great Cheese Robbery by Tim Warnes (Little Tiger Press)

The Great Cheese Robbery

Written and Illustrated by
Tim Warnes

Published by Little Tiger Press

Cheese. Where would we be without it? Charlotte favours the soft milky taste of Brie whereas I love the sharp tang of Shropshire Blue. We would be beside ourselves if a nasty little gang of mice decided to break in and take our precious comestibles.

The cheekiest mouse in the world kicks off this brilliant tale of "The Great Cheese Robbery". Patrick, a baby elephant, is in complete awe of his dad - he's the biggest, strongest elephant in the world but if there's one thing dad really doesn't like, it's mice. The aforementioned mouse has the bare-faced cheek to turn up at the house posing as a cheese inspector. After a swift recce in the fridge, he claims that all the cheese must be confiscated immediately, scuppering dad's supper plans for cauliflower cheese. While Patrick and Dad look on, the mouse takes a bold step further, and enlists the help of a horde of mice to make off with the cheese - and everything else that isn't bolted down, including Patrick's toys! EEKS!

Dad won't lift a finger to stop them, could Patrick be brave enough to stand up to those naughty mice or will someone else arrive at the last minute to save the day (and the cheese!)

Tim Warnes always has a brilliant knack for spinning hugely funny animal tales with a twist or two. This is another one of those books where I get to roll out a whole host of crazy accents for the various characters involved (The mouse cheese inspector comes out as a slightly squeaky Ray Winstone, if you can imagine that!)

As delicious as a lovely slice of manchego on toast.

"The Great Cheese Robbery" is out on March 1st from Tim Warnes and Little Tiger Press

Charlotte's best bit: Brave Patrick trying to save the day (and his dad!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: A hugely fun book to read aloud in a variety of silly voices. But oh, those cheeky mice!

(Kindly sent to us for review by awesome Antonia at Little Tiger Press)

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