Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Monster's Moved In by Timothy Knapman and Loretta Schauer (Little Tiger Press)

A Monster's moved in!

Written by Timothy Knapman

Illustrated by Loretta Schauer

Published by Little Tiger Press

Charlotte's favourite current obsession is hauling out the huge snuggly blanket we have at home, draping it over the clothes horse and making a secret little den to scurry away to. It's quite funny watching her hauling out all her soft toys (as guests), setting up her little night-time reading torch as a light inside, and tucking herself away with a couple of snaffled Jammy Dodgers and a good book.

One of these days though, a monster's BOUND to move in. Just like in this story from Timothy Knapman and Loretta Schauer where a little boy does exactly these things, and ends up sharing his den with a green fuzzy hairy and slightly noisy monster.

Aside from a semi-lethal packed lunch (which comes to life and insists on trying to eat the den) it's actually quite fun having a monster as a friend. Alas it's soon time for the little monster to go home to his monstery parents, but what happens when a monster makes a den? Will a boy move in?

This fun and original tale will appeal to anyone who's ever had a secret den - or anyone who's ever fancied playing host to a cool monster friend!

Charlotte's best bit: The monster's completely crazy (and very dangerous looking) squidgy packed lunch! EEK!

Daddy's Favourite bit: An ace story of friendship, hairy monsters and den building!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)