Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The First Slodge by Jeanne Willis and Jenni Desmond (Little Tiger Press)

The First Slodge

Written by Jeanne Willis

Illustrated by Jenni Desmond

Published by Little Tiger Press

What on EARTH is a Slodge? Crawling out of the undergrowth as this wonderful story opens, we puzzled over this strange but happy little creature but definitely want to tell you all about her! The Slodge is the star of a new tale from storytelling genius Jeanne Willis, and illustrative ubermeister Jenni Desmond. Put two of our favourite picture book talents together and magic happens as the happy carefree Slodge makes her way through the world.

Her world. Let's be clear about this.

The Slodge is free to explore, to gambol through the undergrowth, to sigh in wonder and amazement as the moon rises and the sun sets, to climb trees and eat their luscious fruit. But one such foraging mission doesn't go according to plan as The Slodge realises that someone else has crashed in on her blissful life.

Who is this miscreant? This invader? Who cares - The Slodge definitely does NOT want to share.

It takes a moment of peril and danger to make our lovely little squishy green girl that perhaps being alone is fine, but being able to share an amazing world with an equally amazing friend is utterly fabulous.

We love the way this book wraps up - with a joyous page spread celebrating the diversity of life and how we truly do take for granted how we share our space in the world with a zillion other amazing creatures. But as we said at the top of the review, The Slodge is definitely the star and we absolutely ADORE her, squishy and green as she is!

Charlotte's best bit: The Slodge climbing trees (as all girls love to) to scoff a sweet fruit

Daddy's Favourite bit: A lovely little moral tale from two of the most exciting talents working in children's picture books today. Unmissable!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)

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