Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Get ready for a new version of children's classic "The House at Pooh Corner" with all new illustrations by Chris Ofili, coming soon from Stercus Publishing

We've got a bit of an exclusive for you on the blog today as well-loved A.A. Milne classic tales are being brought bang up to date with a new set of publications of the original stories from Stercus Publishing.

"The House at Pooh Corner" will be the first title released, retaining the flavour of the original stories but with all new contemporary illustrations by none other than Chris Ofili. His unique renderings of Pooh will no doubt win over a huge new army of fans, young and old.

Each copy of the book will come with a free limited edition Pooh bookmark signed by Chris himself in his favourite medium.

"The House at Pooh Corner" by A.A. Milne and Chris Ofili will be released by Stercus Publishing on 1st April 2016. It's your duty to go and pick up a copy!