Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Launch Day for the paperback version of one of our fave books of 2013 - The awesome "Wild" by Emily Hughes (Flying Eye Books)

It's certainly no April Fool! One of our favourite books of 2013 is finally released in Paperback. The sublime "Wild" became one of our prestigious "Book of the Week" winners, and we're happy to share the news that the paperback version from Flying Eye is every bit as delicious and delectable as the original.

It tells the story of a young girl who is brought up in the wild by animals, but finds herself brought back to civilisation by a group of hunters.

Her re-integration does not go well - after all, how can you tame something that is so happily wild?

We utterly adored this book - one heck of an amazing debut for Emily and arriving just ahead of her second children's picture book, the equally stunning "The Little Gardener", coming very soon from Flying Eye Books.

Soak up one of the most perfect children's books you're ever likely to come across - and unleash your inner wild child!

"Wild" by Emily Hughes, out today in Paperback from Flying Eye