Monday, May 4, 2015

Calming tranquil chill-out colouring action with Phoenix Yard's awesome grown-up colouring books!

Fantastic colouring books for grown up children and adults from Phoenix Yard

In today's busy high-speed modern world, sometimes chilling out with the simplest of activities can slow things down, offer a calming influence and - best of all - be a huge amount of fun. There seems to be a lot of press around at the moment talking up children's activities that adults are now horning in on. Of course, this is nothing new to a lot of folk who never really shrugged off their childhood (like me) despite having a mortgage to pay, a dull day job to do, and a ton of responsibilities we never had as carefree nippers.

Probably one of the most enjoyable things about being a parent is when you sit down with your little ones to join in with whatever they're doing. This gives us the best excuse to behave like big kids and any adult who has sprawled out on the floor with paints and pencils, or a huge stack of Lego, will probably extol the virtues of playing.

So what happens when the kids are tucked up in bed, and those crayons are just BEGGING to be used?

How about a range of superb colouring books that are trippy, unique, sometimes challenging but above all the perfect antidote to a busy day stuck in front of a screen. Crack out your colours and indulge yourself with "The One and Only Colouring Book for Adults" or "The One and Only Colouring Book for Grown-Up Children".

Cupcakes, anyone? These look good enough to eat!

Both books are jam-packed with a whole stack of interesting designs and colouring pages that will test your ability to stay within the lines to the very utmost. Go completely crazy with colour as the books can stand up to rigorous pencilling, or even a bit of painting if you're so inclined.

The only eeny weeny tiny criticism we'd probably make of these is that you might have to crack the spines of the books (HORRORS!) to lay them flat enough to really go to town on, but that's a tiny nitpick.

Ooh! Trippy, now where did I put my purple crayon?

There's quite an extensive range of books in Phoenix Yard's series, and they seem to be selling like hot cakes to folk who have discovered the calming qualities of a bit of colouring in. You can find out more about them on the Phoenix Yard website.

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