Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ten Little Dinosaurs by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty (Orchard Books)

Ten Little Dinosaurs

Written by Mike Brownlow

Illustrated by Simon Rickerty

Published by Orchard Books

I almost cackled out loud when I first heard that a third "Ten Little" book from Mike and Simon was on the way. Mainly because if there's anything close to a three-headed "Children's Book Trope", it'd be a beast wearing the head of a pirate, a princess and a dinosaur.

So logically "Ten Little Dinosaurs" stomps along, hot on the heels of "Ten Little Pirates" and "Ten Little Princesses" and we really, really couldn't be happier.

Why? Well these books are utterly and completely brilliant for starters. Mike produces the most pitch-perfect rhymes, while Simon draws up a storm with hilarious, chaotic and hugely funny illustrations to compliment Mike's words. We first join our ten little lizardy characters as they're nestling with their big fat dino mummy. But busy little dinosaurs don't stay put for long, so they set off on a grand quest to explore their world.

The prehistoric world is fraught with danger though and it's not long before we're counting down, just as we did with the other books, as each of the little dinosaurs succumbs to a different fate.

Snatched by a Pterosaur? Swooshed by an Ankylosaurus? Charged by our favourite - the Triceratops. This is no life for a cute and cuddly colourful little dinosaur. Will they live happily ever after?

It's a work of genius. Part counting book, part dino-info book, part comedic knockabout rib-tickling story but completely funny and brilliant. We're very rarely won over by books that carry the same theme through three successive titles but "Ten Little Dinosaurs" pulls off the hat trick with aplomb and is as fantastic as its predecessors. Just watch out for that squishy dino poo! Ew!

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte always loves to spend the entire time choosing a favourite dinosaur (and then changing her mind about - oh - ten times throughout the book!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: It's another "Ten Little" triumph for Mike and Simon. We're having a private bet with ourselves on the next ten things that will crop up courtesy of Mike and Simon!

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