Wednesday 13 May 2015

Tune into Storytime Magazine's utterly fabulous May issue - Out now!

Storytime Magazine - May Issue - How appropriate :)

Storytime Magazine is so utterly brilliant, and the May issue is out right now! For those of you who've yet to discover this amazing story-filled children's magazine with NO ADS just tons and tons of awesome content, dive on over to the Storytime Website for more details. 

Amongst the brilliant tales on offer this month are:

  • Little Red Riding Hood (we just can't resist a dapper wolf!)
  • The Velveteen Rabbit (very cute!)
  • The Cat Maiden (mythical and mysterious!)
  • Lazy Jack (a story I hadn't heard since childhood but was deliriously happy to rediscover and share with Charlotte in this brilliant version)
  • The Language of Birds

Oooh and don't miss the very last page because...well, hello there!

There are some great subscription issues on the Storytime site too so click on through (at the moment you can get your first four issues for just £2 per magazine. Astonishingly good value!)

We're so happy to see Storytime Magazine going from strength to strength. Don't miss the May issue, it really is superb!