Thursday, July 2, 2015

Check out a fantastic new range of Non Fiction books from Ivy Press - The "30 Seconds" range

"Ancient Egypt in 30 Seconds by Kath Senker and Jacqueline Williamson (Ivy Press)

We're always on the lookout for new and engaging Non Fiction books and we were delighted to be contacted by Ivy Press who have a stunning new range of children's non fiction books, under the "30 Seconds" range.

Don't be put off by the name, the fantastic range of books covering topics as diverse as the human body, Ancient Egypt and even the oceans deep is designed to break substantial topics up into bite-sized pieces so that children will readily engage with and absorb a whole caboodle of interesting facts and figures based around each subject.

We took a look at two books in the range, the first (as you can see from the header image) visits a topic we absolutely can't get enough of.

"Ancient Egypt in 30 Seconds" is utterly brilliant, a summary roundup of the amazingly rich history of Egypt, detailing just about everything you can think of from what it was like to live in Egyptian times, the royal lineage of Egypt and the Pharaohs (both male and female) who ruled the lands.

Each bite-sized chunk of Egyptian history is thoroughly well presented...

Our favourite section of the book. Did you know there were female Pharaohs? You do now!

...with exquisite detail crammed into every page spread, guaranteed to turn you into a budding Egyptologist in no time at all.

We also took a look at "Oceans in 30 seconds"...

Oceans in 30 seconds by Jen Green, Wesley Robins and Dr Diva Amon (Ivy Press)

This book visits the oceans showing us the rich and diverse ecosystems in, under and on our oceans deep. Again, each page spread divides the subjects into easy to master chunks...

Our ever-changing coastlines, affected by the currents and the weather as the planet's climate changes

This book is utterly essential for young eco-warriors who want to find out more about our oceans, why they're so important to us, and the huge changes that are happening as our climate warms up. Children will quickly learn why coastlines are eroding and ocean levels are rising - as well as seeing the impact that these changes has on life that relies on the ocean daily (including us, of course!)

These are just two in a gigantic range of fascinating and innovative titles from Ivy Press (do check out their website for more). The books cover a vast range of ages (yep, including us adults). They're really gorgeously presented and would be ideal for home and school as subjects are tackled in a kid-friendly (but definitely not dumbed down) way.

(Ancient Egypt in 30 seconds and Oceans in 30 seconds kindly sent to us for review by Ivy Press).

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