Monday, August 3, 2015

Honk Honk Hold Tight by Jessica Souhami (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

It's time for another brilliant folk tale revival from Jessica Souhami. Honk Honk, hold tight, step right this way...

Traditional folk tales are a rich seam of stories to be mined, and we always love to see a new version of a well loved classic being given a bit of sparkle and shine at the hands of a storymeister. Jessica Souhami tweaks a traditional tale of a rather morose princess who can't laugh, and introduces a kindly hero and a rather special goose in "Honk Honk Hold Tight". The King is in despair, his glum daughter never laughs or smiles and spends her days moping around. In his desparation, the monarch sends out a message to the entire kingdom. "Make my daughter laugh, and I'll give you half of everything I own!"

A young farmer's boy's ears prick up at this, he wants to see this glum princess for himself so he sets off for the castle. Stopping to help a mysterious old lady on the way by giving her food and drink, the boy is given a rather spectacular golden goose. It's magic but if anyone tries to steal one of its magnificen feathers, they'll stick to it and won't be able to free themselves. With a cry of "Honk Honk, Hold Tight!" the boy soon collects a rather motley crew of passers by who all covet the goose's golden feathers.

Spotting this rather odd collection of folk struggling along is enough to free the princess from her blue mood. she giggles, titters and then guffaws and the boy wins the day, and her heart!

A traditional tale that has variants stretching as far afield as Russia, Germany, Egypt and of course here in the UK too, it's another storytelling triumph for Jessica!

Charlotte's best bit: When the princess cracks a smile for the very first time. Awww!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fun story that may seem familiar to most folk, but here given a high sheen and polish by Jessica for a whole new set of eager readers.

Honk Honk Hold Tight

Written and Illustrated by
Jessica Souhami

Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Release Date: 6th August 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

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