Monday, 31 August 2015

The World Famous Cheese Shop Break-In by Sean Taylor and Hannah Shaw (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Crazy about cheddar? Falling over yourself for Feta? Ga-ga about gorgonzola? You can bet we'll be (cheese)wheeling out more cheesetastic puns for our review of "The World Famous Cheese Shop Break-In"

Once upon a time there was a rat. Not just any rat, but a daddy rat named Daddypops and his two long-suffering children. Their tummies always rumbled, they were thin and scrawny and craved nothing but the finest stinkiest cheese.

Daddypops had a big brain, and was always coming up with crazy plans to break into the world's finest cheese emporium for a taste of their wares. Disguises didn't work, crazy rat-a-pults were a disaster but what's the one thing rats are really good at? Digging! Time to dig a tunnel directly into the cheese shop for a bumper slap-up cheese feast!

Sean Taylor and Hannah Shaw have come up trumps with a crazy but determined gang of rats aiming for cheesy fortune and stinky glory in this colourful comedic tale. We particularly loved the end-papers, with all sorts of wonderful pongy cheeses laid out tempting you into the book as you join Daddypops and his gallant offspring on a mission for manchego!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Digging under the ground to tunnel directly into the shop (narrowly avoiding floods and floating crisp packets!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A cheesy rat-tastic romp, little fromage-fiends are going to love it!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

"The World Famous Cheese Shop Break In

Written by Sean Taylor

Illustrated by Hannah Shaw

Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Release Date: 6th August 2015