Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Wolf's Tale by Eva Montanari (Kuperard / Hutton Grove Publishing)

Let's face it, wolves have a pretty bad rep in children's books. Is the wolf in Eva Montanari's "A Wolf's Tale" any different? Let's dig in and find out...
You're all familiar with the story of the Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. The wolf in this classic tale was a thoroughly bad lot (though I'm not entirely sure he ever deserved to be scalded to death in a giant cooking pot as in one particular interpretation of the tale).

Skip forward a couple of generations and in "A Wolf's Tale" we meet his great great great grandson who stalks into Piggy Town one fateful day, a mysterious package tucked under his arm.

The wolf asks politely for directions, but as soon as the piggies see him they scurry off back into their houses, petrified that he fancies a quick bacon sarnie or two.

But wolf is looking for one pig in particular and has an important mission to complete. What will happen as this superb twist on a traditional tale reaches its end?

Well you know us, we hate spoilers so we'll let you discover the answer for yourselves. Once again Eva Montanari's easy storytelling style and gorgeous illustrations will win over readers who love to see a different take on a well loved tale.

Charlotte's favourite bit: The lovely ending - perhaps wolves aren't so bad after all? Or are they!!

Daddy's favourite bit: A fantastic tale, expanding on a classic children's story but bringing a gloriously original twist to proceedings!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hutton Grove Publishing)

"A Wolf's Tale"

Written and Illustrated by Eva Montanari

Published by Hutton Grove Publishing

Release Date: 30th July 2015