Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Witches and Fairies by Eva Montanari (Hutton Grove Publishing)

There's an eerie and delicious dream-like atmosphere in this book that to us was like a siren song. Let's take a closer look at the divine "Witches and Fairies" by Eva Montanari...
This is a fantastic book and we're very happy to see it coming back into print in good time for Halloween, courtesy of Kuperard / Hutton Grove Publishing.

Eva Montanari's beautiful "Witches and Fairies" was first published back in 2007 and contains a timeless message for children (and adults) who always have the niggling feeling that they don't quite 'belong'.

It tells the tale of young Clotilda, who watches the divine gallivanting of the witches at play, zooming around on their broomsticks and dancing long into the night. She also watches the fairies, daintily tip-toeing their way amongst the flowers to swing on a daisy-chain swing, fluttering delicately in circles around each other.

But Clotilda is neither witch nor fairy, and often finds herself sitting on the sidelines watching the nocturnal activities of the two groups, wishing she could join in.

One night, Clotilda finds herself drawn into their games, and may at last have a chance to prove that she's a little bit fairy, a little bit witch and so are we all!

It almost feels like you can hear the dainty chimes of fairy music tinkling with every turn of the page, or the harsh cackling of witches zooming around the night sky with their feline familiars in tow.

Such a beautifully atmospheric book with an important message to convey, and certainly one that appealed to Charlotte who often feels a lot like Clotilda at school, bless her.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Clotilda getting too close to the stars, setting off a magical turn of events that helps her feel like she may truly belong after all

Daddy's favourite bit: Beautiful lyrical storytelling, glorious and dazzling illustrations. Very pleased to see this coming back into print.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hutton Grove)

"Witches and Fairies"

Written and Illustrated by Eva Montanari

Published by Kuperard / Hutton Grove Publishing

Release Date (Paperback): 30th July 2015