Thursday, 24 September 2015

Check out a fantastic pocket-sized paperback range of quirky history titles from Chris Mitchell and John Blake Publishing

Here at ReadItDaddy we like to concern ourselves with the really important questions from history. How indeed DO astronauts wee in space? Do Dinosaurs make good pets? Let's explore a new paperback history range with Dr Dino!

A new range of history paperbacks exploded onto our doormat a few weeks ago and we've been exploring the fabulous Dr Dino's Learnatorium ever since.

Those folk who have discovered the delights of mixing humour and history with ranges like Horrible Histories and Tony Robinson's brilliant historical series will absolutely love Dr Dino's Learnatorium, finding out more about Ancient Greeks, Prehistoric Life or what it was like being shot off into the stratosphere at the height of the Space Race.

In "How Many Greeks Can You Fit Inside A Horse", children will
get the inside track on ancient Greek history, covering the astonishing rise of one of the most powerful ancient civilisations
 and finding out more about the myths and legends that have become a rich part of our storytelling landscape. There's a ton of real-life facts too as we learn more about how ancient Greeks conducted their daily affairs, waged war, and came up with completely bonkers strategies for reining supreme on land and sea.

Moving on, we're time-crashing back to the days when dinosaurs ruled the earth in "Do Dinosaurs Make Good Pets?" (clue: NOOOO!) A truly fascinating insight into prehistoric times, covering the various dinosaur species that stomped all over the marshy landscape that covered most of the earth in Triassic and Jurassic times.

Then to Charlotte's favourite book of the three, "How Do Astronauts Wee in Space" where you'll find out tons of interesting facts about the history of space exploration, and also learn what's going on up there right now as we take a cruise through the galaxy and learn about all the missions and future plans to expand our knowledge of our solar system and beyond.

If kids have ever fancied becoming an astronaut, be prepared for a tough time as it's definitely no easy challenge!

This is a really great pocket-sized range, illustrated throughout and perfect for the 6-12 age range, particularly kids who love their history injected with a ton of humour but also squillions and squillions of facts and figures too.

You can see the entire Dr Dino's Learnatorium Range over at the John Blake Publishing Website.