Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Clangers - The Brilliant Surprise by Daniel Postgate (Ladybird Books)

Nestled in just before the boring news came on, "The Clangers" was required viewing when I was a teeny tiny. Now they're back, all new and shiny but still retaining their timeless charm.
Not only are The Clangers back on TV, they're also coming back in book form thanks to Daniel Postgate, son of Oliver Postgate who along with Peter Firmin, produced some of the best loved children's TV programmes of the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

In "The Clangers - The Big Surprise" our favourite characters are all present and correct, with some new friends too! Tiny Clanger, Small Clanger, Major Clanger are all here along with The Soup Dragon and the Iron Chicken - and my fave characters The Froglets. As the story begins, there's frantic activity on the moon as something rather special is about to happen. Tiny and Small waste no time telling everyone on the moon about the upcoming stellar event. The Soup Dragon prepares a special batch of soup, the Iron Chicken is ready with an amazing new song and even the Space Moos gather to see what's about to happen. A comet is about to fly past, producing the most incredible show lighting up the night sky.

Like most eldsters who see beloved programmes of their childhood being revived, I was initially cynical about the return of The Clangers but they've hit the right balance of retaining all the charm and cuddliness of the original, all the atmosphere but with everything looking bright, shiny and new.

The book is a fabulous tie in so if your youngsters are a chip off the old block and love the programme, they're going to love this first story spin-off.

Great to read the introduction from Peter Firmin too!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Loving the Soup Dragon's amazing soup-making abilities

Daddy's favourite bit: One of my favourite programmes as a tiny nipper, brought bang up to date with a brilliant TV series and from this first book, a great set of story tie ins that should become firm favourites.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Ladybird Books)

"The Clangers - The Brilliant Surprise"

Written and Illustrated by Daniel Postgate

Published by Ladybird Books

Release Date (Paperback): 3rd September 2015