Tuesday 8 September 2015

Go Home Little One by Cate James (Words and Pictures)

Autumn is definitely our favourite month. Not just because the trees begin to change colour in a dazzling display but because Autumn usually means tons of new books!
In "Go Home Little One" by Cate James, a tiny and very cute little Hedgehog called Florence (ace name!) is watching the seasons change, along with her two little squirrel friends. Though she loves spring, adores summer and enjoys autumn, she has never seen a winter because just as the weather turns colder and the snows begin to fall, it's time to hibernate.

Our determined and plucky little hedgehog stays out in the snow with her friends right until the last minute, straying further and further from home despite her mum's warnings not to go too far.

But danger lurks in the woods. Will Florence heed the warnings of the other animals she encounters with her friends before it's too late, and she becomes a snack for a wily fox?

Cate James' story is chock full of atmosphere and the most beautiful artwork as we follow the antics of Florence the Hedgehog and her two rather mischievous pals on their journey out into the snows of winter.

Charming and adorable, a wintry winner!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Tense moments as the wily fox zeroes in on his prey!

Daddy's favourite bit: Charming and whimsical storytelling, atmospheric illustrations and an adorable hedgehog hero make this a really snuggly adventure for your wee ones.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Words and Pictures)

"Go Home, Little One!"

Written and Illustrated by Cate James

Published by Words and Pictures

Release Date; 3rd September 2015