Wednesday, 9 September 2015

"Munch" by Emma McCann (Hutton Grove Publishing)

Meet "Munch" - a fantastic story that combines two things we really love. Food and monsters. Dive in right this way...

Originally released way back in 2005 from Meadowside Publishing, Emma McCann's fabulous monster book "Munch" is once again available, reprinted by Hutton Grove Publishing.

"Munch" tells the story of a small but fearsome monster, who loves one particular foodstuff - Toast!

Munch loves toast with coconut jam, with banana jam but when tuning into the morning news one day, Munch hears that a terrible gigantic beast is on the loose and it's devouring everything in its path.

Time to batten down the hatches and protect his comestibles from this horrible beast. But one day poor Munch wakes up to find that someone - or something - has snaffled his goodies.

Can a tiny little monster stand up to a big beastly bully? There's a rather delicious end to this tale (but we won't spoil it for you - Burp!)

Full of colourful artwork and humour, it's great to see this being picked up by Hutton Grove so if you fancy a nice crusty slice of toast with the sweetest of toppings, pick up a copy of "Munch" and crunch along with us.

Charlotte's favourite bit: All the colourful jars of wonderful spreads and preserves that Munch doles out onto his perfect toast.

Daddy's favourite bit: An entertaining toasty tale of a little monster standing his ground in the face of a fearsome foe!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hutton Grove Publishing)


Written by Emma McCann

Published by Hutton Grove Publishing

Release Date: 30th July 2015