Monday, October 5, 2015

Activity Book by Alain Gree (Button Books)

There's something deliciously infectious, delightful and addictive about Alain Gree's work. Here's a glorious activity book that will keep your little ones out of trouble at half term!
Half term is rapidly approaching, and as the weather takes a turn for the worse I'd imagine quite a few parents who regularly stop by our blog are wondering what they're going to do with their children if they're stuck inside all day.

Here's a rather good starter for ten, a brand new activity book recently published by Button Books featuring the genius work of a truly talented children's artist. Alain Gree's work features in wonderful magazines like Okido, and he's extremely famous across the channel. So it's probably about time we brits embraced his happy-go-lucky work first hand.

"Activity Book" really is packed with games and puzzles to keep you busy, compiled by Alain himself and featuring over 50 ideas from awesome doodle projects, heroic make and do projects and of course a great selection of games and puzzles to keep your tiddly ones well and truly engaged.

We do love a big fat book that positively invites you to dive in and scribble on it (though that's tougher than you'd think when this book looks as gorgeous as it does - there's just something so WRONG about defacing books, even when you're supposed to!)

Charlotte's favourite bit: Devilishly difficult but hugely fun spot the difference puzzles

Daddy's favourite bit: A book positively fizzing with brilliant activities and ideas, compiled by a true master of illustration. Grab a copy and you'll easily stave off the half-term blues!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Button Books)

"Activity Book"

Compiled and illustrated by Alain Gree

Published by Button Books

Release Date: 7th September 2015