Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Unleash your creativity with a nifty pair of doodle notebooks from Susan McBride (Lark Books)

 At any given moment during the day when there's a moment or two of free time, Charlotte and I are avid doodlers. The house is rapidly filling up with sketch books full of scribbles and doodles, and we've seen some brilliant activity books over the years that let you collect together your random artistic musings in new and neat ways.

Susan McBride's "Doodle Notebooks" are perfect for a bit of surreptitious scribbling. At first glance they look very like proper notebooks, which means they're perfect for me to sneak into meetings with and do some drawing while folk yammer on about yawn-some computery stuff.

The "I'm So Bored" doodle notebook and the equally fabulous "Don't Get Caught" doodle notebook give you stacks of inspiration and ideas to take your doodling to the next stage. With tons of imaginative scribbles to get you started, and quite a cheeky and subversive sense of humour throughout, you'll soon
be finding lots of excuses to whip out your doodle notebook and unleash your creativity.

We thoroughly tested both, and possibly the only minus points to mention are that these could seriously rock if they were spiral-bound (stretching them out for scribbling was a mite tough). They could probably also do with a bit more space for your scribblings, as some pages are a bit of a tight squeeze if you're the sort of person who likes loads of blank canvas to work on.

"I'm So Bored - The Doodle Notebook" and "Don't Get Caught - The Doodle Notebook", both written and illustrated by Susan McBride are out again on 7th October 2015 from Lark.