Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Drawing Animals Shape by Shape by Christopher Hart (Sixth and Spring)

Most art tutorials seem to skip a huge number of steps, going from a simple shape to a finished drawing with very little actual instruction. This is entirely different. Welcome to the world of Christopher Hart
I'm a huge fan of Christopher Hart, and have regularly sought out his books for grown ups showing you how to draw a huge diverse range of styles and characters. I picked up his awesome "Retro Cool" book a little while ago, packed full of neat tutes and ideas to draw those fantastic retro-futuristic cartoon characters you see on shows like "Dexter's Lab" or "The Powerpuff Girls".

Now Christopher is putting together a new range of books for kids, starting avid doodlers out early with a selection of brilliant ideas and themes. Starting with "Drawing Animals Shape by Shape", it's an absolutely brilliant little project book giving kids a helping hand drawing everything from elephants to kittens, from bears to blue whales.

Chris keeps things purposely very simple here, but the results are hugely effective (even for scribbly adults like me). Soon kids will be able to draw their very own animal creations, using some of Christopher's core ideas here.

The spiral-bound book is absolutely perfectly presented, laying out flat while you get out your sketch pad and crayons, colours and felt-tips to draw up a storm.

We'll be looking out for more in Chris's excellent range.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Drawing cute kitty-cats!

Daddy's favourite bit: Slightly simpler than Christopher's 'grown up' books but equally effective and engaging.

"Drawing Animals Shape by Shape"

Written and Illustrated by Christopher Hart

Published by Sixth and Spring

Release Date: 7th September 2015