Thursday, 5 November 2015

A fabulous story idea in aid of BBC's Children in Need - The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex from Fat Fox Books

Today, Charlotte (and Mummy) take over the reins for a review of a very special book in aid of Children in Need. So take it away, Charlotte (with a bit of help from Mummy!)

 "The main character in this story is Fi-Rex who is half girl and half dinosaur, she has a little brother and it is his birthday. 

When Fi-Rex eats the gooey green sweetie lots of exciting things happen and she goes to many different places. 

Some of the lands are scary as you think she won't get home again but others are great. 

My best bit was being friends with the duck because he was really friendly and Gary Barlow. But the really best bit was the name of the bands, Pond Direction and Quack That. 

I laughed and ran up stairs to tell mummy the names!

I liked all the signatures on each page so I know who wrote which page, some are very strange pages like Keith Lemon’s.

I think this book will appeal to people of my age or a bit younger (7), mostly girls I think but mummies and daddies will like some pages (Mummy and Daddy said they liked the Frog Song)."

It's an interesting idea, celebrities like Sir Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Jools and Jamie Oliver and (gulp) Keith Lemon picking up the threads of a story from each other - ably illustrated by Julia Patton. 

Charlotte gives this a firm thumbs up!

"The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex" is available now from Fat Fox Books.

(Kindly supplied for review by Fat Fox Books)