Thursday, 5 November 2015

Gloriously descriptive books tell the tale of our earth and our water in "The Drop in my Drink" and "The Pebble in my Pocket" by Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

It's National Non-Fiction Month this month, and it's always good to see non fiction subjects approached in new and innovative ways by authors and illustrators.

In "The Drop in my Drink" and "The Pebble in my Pocket", gifted science writer Meredith Hooper and illustrator Chris Coady have come up with a fabulous pair of prosaic stories that guide us through the process by which the planet's water makes its way to our tap (and our glass).

The atmospheric illustrations compliment Meredith's gentle lilting storytelling style of imparting factual information about the oceans, rivers and underground water sources that we rely on. The book reads like a wonderful floaty dream.

Our earth is also the subject of "The Pebble in my Pocket" as once again Meredith's prosaic style takes us on a whistle stop tour of the very matter that our earth is made from, and how violent volcanic events were the catalyst for the way the world was made.

Every grain of sand, or indeed every pebble in your pocket had to come from somewhere and Meredith & Chris take us right back to the dawn of time, right through to the present day to show the Earth's birth, and evolution in fascinating pictorial detail.

These books are stunning and the sort of books that deserve to be loudly championed during National Non-Fiction month. Hugely inspirational and atmospheric stuff

(Kindly supplied for review by Frances Lincoln Children's Books)