Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Friendship Bracelets - 12 Jewellery Designs to Make and Share by Vera Vandenbosch (Taunton Press)

It seems like only yesterday that friendship bracelets were a 'thing' when I was a moody youth. Long summer breaks seemed to always kick off with a flurry of folk exchanging these with each other, and now it seems like today's younger generation are discovering the delights of making them as well.

Vera Vandenbosch's "Friendship Bracelets" book takes creativity to the next level. Kids can soon discover how to tie some of the most intricate bracelet and braid designs using colour threads, beads and other materials.

Each design comes with full colour photographs to illustrate how to start off and perfect your designs, the rest is up to your imagination as you mix up and match up loads of different knots and weaves to come up with something spectacular for your wrist (or ankle, or hair, or school bag!)

We had a lot of fun with the book but it's probably more suitable for slightly older children as some of the designs are pretty complicated (and someone with banana fingers like me really struggled too!)

Would-be crafters will take to it like a duck to water though (and naturally we loved the 'model', such a cool kid even if Charlotte said she looked quite grumpy in most of the photos!)

Charlotte's best bit: Learning how to do a fishtail bracelet

Daddy's favourite bit: A great book that really shows off what you can do with a few crafting scraps. The only limit is your imagination

(Kindly sent to us for review by Taunton Press)

"Friendship Bracelets"

Compiled by Vera Vandenbosch

Published by Taunton Press

Publication Date (softcover): 7th July 2015