Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Who Done It? By Olivier Tallec (Chronicle Children's Books)

Simple but clever. Yes, we love simple but clever books for tiny teeny kids and this one hits the spot beautifully. Olivier Tallec's "Who Done It?"...
If there's one thing I've learned in spades over the course of writing this blog with Charlotte, it's that kids develop a very keen sense of observation very early on if you nurture it and encourage it.

My own eyes often miss the tiny details present in children's books, so having a sharp eyed 'boss' to check over my work is always a boon.

In the case of "Who Done It?" by Olivier Tallec, you can encourage even the tiniest toddlers to join in with the observation game with a very clever set of page spreads inviting them to pick the 'odd one out' in each scene.

Let us demonstrate...!

Who is in disguise? Got it yet?
Each page opens out to present you with a question - and keen sharp eyes will have fun picking out the 'ringer' in each scene. Got that one? How about this one...

(I think this was one of our favourites!)

Word count is kept purposely to a minimum, meaning that it's going to be a brilliant book for lap-dwelling toddlers to get straight to work on. Olivier's fabulous character art is full of glorious expression and humour and the book's rather unique format is absolutely perfect for tucking into your change bag if you're taking your tiddlers out and about and want to keep them entertained (without resorting to CBeebies on your iPad!)

Simply brilliant!

Charlotte's favourite bit: The mean kitty scene, and "Who didn't make it to the loo on time" :)

Daddy's favourite bit: A really simple idea but so beautifully executed. Olivier's book is an utter winner!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Chronicle)

"Who Done It?"

Written and Illustrated by Olivier Tallec

Published by Chronicle Children's Books

Publication Date (Hardback): 13th October 2015