Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Happy by Pharrell Williams (Picture Puffin)

Don't worry, we haven't suddenly gone bonkers and are reviewing music now. This is probably the first children's book we've seen based on a popular pop tune...
There's no getting away from it. Pharrell Williams' "Happy" is a bum-wiggling earworm of a tune that just gets in your head and makes you smile when you're feeling a bit blue. When it comes on in the car we're practically bopping along in our seats (observing all the rules of road safety of course!!) and it's something even old grumpy pants Daddy likes (no mean feat considering my music taste usually errs on the 'weird' side).

So here's the book of the song, and you could be forgiven for thinking that this isn't the sort of thing that should be encouraged - taking the lyrics from a pop tune and spinning it together into a story.

But the reason this books works at all is largely down to Pharrell's brilliant supporting cast - a band of effervescent kids basically wigging out all through the song, with brilliant HAPPY photos interspersed with the lyrics of the tune.

Celebrating what it means to be happy, enjoying life, doing all the things that kids do when you collect 'em together in a studio and let them lark about. It's a joy to behold and - no surprise - it's infectious because Charlotte wanted to hear the tune and bounce along herself!

(Note - A QR code, download, some means of making this easier for folk with the book would've been nice - a small point to pick on. My wife suggested that years ago this would be the sort of book that would come accompanied with a music tape or CD but - heh - in this digital age, I guess anyone can fire up the tablet, google the song and be in it in 5 seconds flat).

A happy bunch indeed!
Charlotte's favourite bit: Reading the book and humming along with the tune

Daddy's favourite bit: a bright, breezy and effortlessly effervescent book full of HAPPY! Love it!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Picture Puffin)


Written by Pharrell Williams

Published by Picture Puffin

Publication Date (Hardback): 8th October 2015