Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How to be a Cowboy by Alice Lickens (Pavilion Children's Books)

What in tarnation's a goin-on here! A cowboy book? You're durn' tootin it is! "How to be a Cowboy" by Alice V Lickens...
Contrary to popular belief, little girls get very very excited about cowboy books. Judging by the reaction this book got when it arrived at ReadItDaddy Towers there's a huge untapped market for children's books about cowboys (and, ahem, cowgirls - just thought I'd throw that out there, hint hint).

In Alice Lickens' awesome "How to be a Cowboy" you'll learn all the essentials of cowboy life and you'll also learn how to rig out and dress up your very own fold-out cowboy, with his own set of fancy duds to wear while in and out of the saddle...

Your own cowboy to dress up in whatever you fancy. We like to call him "Tex Hairylegs"
As well as clothing, you'll learn all about how cowboys lived and worked out on the range and down on the ranch, with lots of cool little illustrations of important stuff like cow brands and of course all the accessories a mean ornery cowpoke will need to be a huge success in the cattle business.

The illustrations are fantastic, and there's a brace of stickers in there too so you'll find tons to do in this brilliant little book.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Dressing up Tex Hairylegs in some truly fancy duds. Pity about that durned hat though, way too big for Tex's tiny bonce!

Daddy's favourite bit: A brilliant and original cowboy book for budding cowpokes everywhere, yeee-HAWWWW!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Pavilion Children's Books)

"How to be a Cowboy"

Written and Illustrated by Alice V Lickens

Published by Pavilion Books

Publication Date: 12th November 2015