Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Catch up with two more cracking adventures with fabulous girl detective Lottie Lipton! Excitement, adventure and puzzling in two new awesome books!

We're completely hooked on Lottie Lipton's adventures in the awesome series of mystery chapter books written and illustrated by Dan Metcalf. Previously we've read and enjoyed Lottie's first two outings - "Secrets of the Stone" and "The Curse of the Cairo Cat". Lottie's next two adventures are now available, so get your magnifying glass and hieroglyphics-decoding notebook and be prepared for excitement, adventure, puzzling and suspense. We love these books because they're completely absorbing and atmospheric, and Charlotte loves them because we often call her Lottie - and she'd definitely love to imagine herself as a puzzle solving girl detective herself!

In "The Egyptian Enchantment" Lottie and her slightly dotty but hugely knowledgable Uncle Bert are once again taking a look at some intriguing new exhibits at The British Museum.

Lottie inadvertently causes complete chaos when she reads a mysterious spell out loud, and brings to life a whole gang of Egyptian Shabtis - throwing the museum into complete disarray.

What is a Shabti, I hear you ask...

Egyptian Shabtis. Tiny little ornamental figures often buried alongside mummies
They're tiny little figurines and they love nothing better than causing trouble. Lottie, her Uncle and Reg the Caretaker must track those mysterious and mischievous little figures down before the whole museum is completely destroyed!

"The Egyptian Enchantment" is available now.

The fourth title in Lottie's adventure series is "The Scroll of Alexandria" which may just prove to be Lottie's trickiest case yet!

This time, the British Museum's precious ancient book collection is under threat as the unscrupulous head Curator of the Museum, Sir Trevelyan Taylor, wants to sell off these precious assets to the highest bidder.

The Scroll of Alexandria is vital - as it describes just why those books must stay exactly where they are. Is Sir Trevelyan quite what he seems, and what will happen if those books fall into the wrong hands and are removed from the museum forever!

Egyptian scrolls were often filled with beautiful and detailed illustrations as well as Hieroglyphics

It's up to Lottie to track down the scroll and save the day!

"The Scroll of Alexandria" is available now. Both books are published by A & C Black Childrens and Educational Books.

(Kindly sent to us for review by A & C Black)