Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Chicken Nugget by Michelle Robinson and Tom McLaughlin (Picture Puffin)

It's not easy being a tiny little chick, as Nugget (the adorable hero of today's story) finds out. How can a tiny fluffball possibly be brave?

Michelle Robinson and Tom McLaughlin's new picture book introduces us to a tiny little yellow hero. Nugget is quite used to being squeezed out by the larger members of his family. There's Mum (who's a big bouncy old hen), Burger (older brother - typical teen attitude problem) and the twins - all of whom get the biggest portions at dinner time, the most room on the sofa and get measured on the height chart (whereas poor little nugget doesn't even reach the bottom of the chart, poor little mite!)

Everything changes though when long lost cousin Franz arrives to stay. Franz doesn't care about Nugget's diminutive size and can't wait to go to school with Nugget to meet all his friends (and his tasty teacher, drool!)

Franz is one odd looking chicken (as you can see from the cover of this hilarious book!) But when he plans a surprise dinner, no one could guess that Franz had wicked plans for chicken chasseur in mind!

A lovely book with a positive message that, no matter how small you think you are, you can still be hugely brave (and indeed Nugget shows just how brave and brainy little chicks can be!)

Charlotte's favourite bit: Cousin Franz - a rather sneaky fellow but an excellent baddie!

Daddy's favourite bit: Rib-tickling stuff with a fab positive message for all tinies to enjoy.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Picture Puffin)

"Chicken Nugget"

Written by Michelle Robinson

Illustrated by Tom McLaughlin

Published by Picture Puffin

Publication Date: 4th February 2016